eFulfillment Partners has a unique partnership approach to building your profitable online sales channel. We leverage your brand to convert your visitors into buyers, using our infrastructure, personnel, and management team. Our goal is a long-term, mutually profitable relationship and our process ensures that we make money only when you do.  

We do it all — at virtually no risk to you.

     A successful online business requires an experienced management team and sophisticated technology, tailor made for your industry. Our comprehensive approach includes the following services to ensure success:


Inventory Management

     eFulfillment Partners manages inventory that is supplied on a consignment basis or purchased by us from you in quantities necessary for the seamless fulfillment of online sales. Inventory is tracked and stored in our facilities and servers using a state-of-the-art security system. In eight years of managing digital inventory, we have never suffered an inventory loss due to security breach.

     Inventory management may vary depending on the type of product you offer, but our approach is simple: eliminate your financial risk from inventory loss due to fraud or shrinkage, and guarantee payment on all inventory shipped.
It is not atypical for us, as your outsourced e-commerce department, to become the equivalent of your largest distributor.

     In order to maximize sales potential, we will ensure that the right products are available on your site, actively researching the market, analyzing industry trends and site-specific patterns, in order to increase conversion ratios, repeat business, and average transaction size.

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