eFulfillment Partners has a unique partnership approach to building your profitable online sales channel. We leverage your brand to convert your visitors into buyers, using our infrastructure, personnel, and management team. Our goal is a long-term, mutually profitable relationship and our process ensures that we make money only when you do.  

We do it all — at virtually no risk to you.

     A successful online business requires an experienced management team and sophisticated technology, tailor made for your industry. Our comprehensive approach includes the following services to ensure success:


Fraud Prevention

     For several years running eFulfillment Partners has averaged chargeback rates below one half of one percent. We accomplish this feat by a decision information system that combines well trained staff and MerchantShield®, a remarkable, proprietary fraud screening technology.

     Consumers, who pay by credit card, instantly receive a product that can be fully consumed within hours of purchase. Merchants, by contrast, may not discover that they have shipped on the basis of fraudulent payment for days, weeks or sometimes even months later and may have continued to ship multiple orders to the same fraudster before discovery.

     When consumer expectations require truly instant delivery, there is no time to spend hours ensuring good payment.

     It may appear nearly impossible to determine the validity of payment. Who knows who is really standing behind that e-mail address?

     As our track record demonstrates, more than 99.5% of the time we do, and by partnering with us, so will you.

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